Ayhan SEZDİRMEZ (Technology and Design Teacher)

We are working start.

Ayhan SEZDİRMEZ (Technology and Design Teacher)
iTec teacher diary

We have given information about iTec project to our pupils. We’ve determined which students will take part in our iTec class.
We’ve prepared our plan.
We’ve formed our timeup class. Considering our pupil’s interests and abilities, we’ve formed our timeup groups.
Our groups have done brain storming about global warming and environmental matters.
Our class consisting of three groups determined the subject on which they’re going to do scientific search.

Ayhan SEZDİRMEZ (Technology and Design Teacher)

The pupils are broken into groups and each group chose a factor and prepared a presentation about the effects of the gas, liquid and solid wastes in global warming, which is our topic of iTec Project. These presentations are shared in classrooms. Those studies were photographed and recorded. The pupils were excited during the presentations of their studies. They improved their skills in using computer and preparing presentation. According to the 2nd plan, considering their research, they are going to invent a tool which will prevent global warming.